Wednesday, June 16, 2010

If you look for Beauty....You are sure to find it

Today I brought my camera with me on my walk around Yesteryear Acres. Instead of focusing on the muggy heat and time left until my exercise workout was complete, I focused on all the beauty that surrounded me. I found beauty in every step.....

Here is our house from the hill in the backyard
A little bunny hopping on our trail around the woods

The beautiful Field of Hay
I love it when the wind whips across the hay field.
It looks like waves swimming across the ocean in a sea of green.

The Hay is chest high. I like to walk along the edges of the hay and let the tops tickle my finger tips.

Our beautiful pond. There is nothing more peaceful than sitting by the water's edge and feeling the tranquility of the moment wash over you.

Our pond with reflections of sky
Little Fishy Swimming into a Cloud
Pond and Sky

Our Garden
The Beginning.....

Sweet Corn!!!
And Tomatoes.....110 Tomato Plants = Happy Me!

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