Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Happenings

Today was another good day here at Yesteryear Acres. My son is home and he is just the biggest helper. When he got up this morning he said he would take care of all the farm chores which was just awesome. We lost our summer helper so having my son step up and do the chores is SO appreciated!!! That left Mr. Yesteryear Acres plenty of time to sand and spackle the bedroom upstairs. YEA! I felt happy all day just thinking about the work being done on the bedroom. My white ghost is back!!! While the boys worked away, my daughter and I made sure that we kept up our end of the work schedule. We first had to get our exercise in and headed out to the arboretum. I had some awesome Latin Reggaeton tunes for the walk and kept grooving the whole time. I was still smiling when I finished. It was a good workout day. We then went grocery shopping and loaded up on more yogurt and other good things. The puppies were particularly happy to see the yogurt parfaits for their supper! Our older puppy that we named Nutmeg is doing really well with the housebreaking. She is on day 5 with no accidents and is the sweetest puppy ever. She is so much fun to hang out with. I think Nutmeg might have a new home! I hope to hear from her new family tomorrow. I hope so because she will bring somebody a lot of happiness. She has a heart of gold! Nutmeg kept my daughter and I company while we made our delicious dinner. One of the best things about summertime is that my daughter has free time to help me cook. She loves to cook and we have so much fun making our family dinners together. She is actually now doing the lion's share of the cooking as she is becoming quite the chef. I take the back seat and do the sous chef work while she does the main production. Tonight we made buttermilk fried chicken strips and twice baked potatoes. For dessert my daughter made a delicious carrot cake (from scratch) with homemade cream cheese frosting. It turned out perfectly and the dinner was excellent. I have to say that Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son are particularly happy with the new dynamic duo summertime cooking team. The hardest part is trying to outdo the feast we made the evening before. We have set the bar pretty high. Tomorrow will be more of the same. My daughter has 4 hours of swim team practice so we will have to squeeze in our cooking time later in the day. We also have puppy picture day tomorrow! I am going to take new updated photos of all the puppies. Look for some awesome pictures to be posted by tomorrow evening. The puppies are really starting to grow now and are TOO cute. The photo session should be a good one!

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