Thursday, June 2, 2011

Darn Video Did Me In

So I have been the ultra cool and not weepy mom during my daughter's college orientation. I have been the "Oh this is my second child to go to college and I am fine" mom. I have been the "You are going to live" mom. I am so cool. I am not even worried about her leaving home. I am sitting through the 1,000 college orientation lectures/seminars/breakout sessions with nary a question. I am that cool. Or I WAS that cool until the housing and dormitory person had to show a video. They just had to go and show a video of kids sending their love back home to their parents. UGH!  I am not strong enough to sit through "HI MOM! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!" videos! She also read a letter that one of the Resident Advisors wrote to a parent over Christmas about how well their son was doing because the RA knew how much that mom missed her son. It made my eyes leak RIGHT there in the seminar meeting room full of people. UGH!  How can I be the ultra cool mom when now all I can think about is how much I will miss my daughter? How can I be the "You will live" mom if I need tissues??? This is so not fair. Obviously I know I will survive my second child leaving for college but *sniff sniff* I AM GOING TO MISS HER!  I guess the only thing for me to do is dry my eyes and go buy some more college memorabilia for her.  And a coffee cup for me. And a t-shirt.  And a sweatshirt.  So I can sit around and drink coffee out of her college mug, wearing my college gear, all the while missing her. WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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