Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mommy Sunday

I haven't seen my mom to just hang out in way too long.  We love spending time together and we have both been extremely busy lately and haven't been able to make the time.  My mom emailed me this morning and asked if I would drive into town to go shopping and have lunch. I emailed her back right away and said that I couldn't come. I was really too busy, I had tons of work, and was really super far behind from being gone that past few days. I also didn't want to drive 45 minutes into town and then another 45 minutes back, especially after driving 8.5 hours yesterday. She said she understood but just missed me.  After I got her email, I thought, Wow - I miss her too.  Then I just can't be too busy for your mom. I know a lot of people who would do anything in the whole entire world just to be able to drive 45 minutes to spend the day with their mom. So - I changed my plans for the day. I reorganized all I had to do and pushed some things to my list for tomorrow and out the door I went. I was there a little after 12:00 noon and spent the whole day with her.  We were really lucky because there was an art festival going on so we walked up an down all the craft tents and got to see lots of wonderful art, jewelry, woodworking, and other crafty items. We didn't buy anything but the "window" shopping was a lot of fun.  We had much to catch up on and talked about everything. The best part of the day was just being together.  I think we both smiled all day long.   When you think about it - All the millions of things on the never-ending "To Do" list are just a million little things to cross off. Once you cross one item off - another appears to take its place. Spending time with the people you love is the most important and most rewarding "To Do" in life. I am glad I got the chance "To Do" that today. Nothing beats a Mommy Sunday!

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