Thursday, June 23, 2011

To Kayak.....To Swim

This morning we were greeted by rain, mosquitoes and some more rain.  We had great plans to walk all the way around the lake for our big adventure today but the gigantic mosquitoes and the drizzling rain quickly made us change our plans.  Instead we decided to kayak across the lake and at least keep our bodies safe from the ravenous man-eating mosquitoes. My daughter decided to get an even better work out and chose to swim across the lake AND back.
Heading out for our big adventure
The water is C O L D!
As in Freezing!
My Little Mermaid doesn't mind
Just Keep Swimming....Just Keep Swimming....
Notice the rain gear....complete with sweatshirts. It is not a warm day yet my daughter is outswimming our kayaking skills.
My sister was the only one brave enough to accompany us on our journey
Heading back
Celebrating a job well done with my sister's Canadian Fruit Punch!

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