Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Father's Strength and Love

When I was younger I didn't get to experience the joy of being loved by my father. It is a very odd thing to grow up as a little girl all the while knowing your dad really doesn't love you.  He doesn't even really like you. My sister and I never experienced what it was like to run into the arms of our dad and have him lift us up and swing us around. We never had anyone to teach us to play catch. We missed out on so much. As children, we missed having a father's love. All through my childhood, I longed for that but even then, I could never know just how vital a father is to raising strong happy well grounded children. I truly believe Fathers are the foundation of childhood. I am not taking anything away from motherhood. Believe me - I know how much mommies mean! But fathers bring a sense of strength, safety, confidence, self esteem and courage that is so important. What I lacked for in childhood - we have more than made up for in raising our children. My husband is a wonderful father.  When we brought home our first child - we were just a bundle of nerves. How could we ever change the diaper? How would we ever figure out how to bathe someone that little?  We soon had everything figured out and loved every second of parenthood.  As our daughter got older, it was clear that Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I had different methods of parenting.  While we have never had one disagreement on important issues in how to raise our children, in the very early years - I was the nervous new mom - and he was the happy - let me throw our daughter up into the air and catch her while she giggles with joy Daddy. I used to cringe and close my eyes, and then one day I read this article about how important it was for children to have 2 parents - and how incredibly awesome it was if both parents, had a little different approach to parenting.  Dads served a super important purpose.  Roughhousing, playing horsie, being tough - all teaches children valuable lessons. The proverbial "Rubbing some dirt into a cut" once in a while - really isn't that bad of a thing. I came to appreciate and respect and adore the ways Mr. Yesteryear Acres interacted with our children. And the more I adored him and his ways - the more he adored showering our children with love. I know in my heart that the reason my 3 children are so well grounded, have such hard work ethics, and strong moral compasses is that they grew up with a father that respects hard work, honors the truth and leads by example. It seems the older my children get, the more they lean on their father. They go to him when times are tough and he picks them up and brushes them off and they are more prepared than ever for what lies ahead. He is truly the glue that holds our family together with the greatest of strength. Raising our children with Mr. Yesteryear Acres has been my greatest joy in life. Happy Father's Day Mr. Yesteryear Acres. Thank you for all that you do and for all that you are. I love you.

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