Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flag Day

Today is Flag Day another grand reminder to be proud to be an American. We proudly have our flag waving and thank all the servicemen and servicewomen who give up their lives so that we can be free. My daughter is busy training with the Marines at Quantico. They have NO hot water at all. None for bathing. None for washing dinner. ZERO.  She said that water is REALLY cold.  She counts One Mississippi, Two Mississipi...just to get through the showers.  Yesterday she pulled 15 ticks off of her, including one in the corner of her eye. The ticks evidently are really thick and the midshipmen are all getting covered with them. The Naval Academy posted a few pictures of the training in Quantico.
I was lucky enough to find one of my daughter:
The Weapon Training
These are heavy!
They have been learning how to use various caliber weaponry
There is a lot to learn
Their rucksacks weigh around 80lbs and it has been over 100* for most of the training.  They also are in full gear - so it has been HOT to say the least.
Even though it is the hardest thing she has ever done
She is ready to become an officer and continue to protect our country
Freedom is never Free
Thank you. When I look at our flag - I think of you.

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