Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh My...Breakfast AND Lunch!

This morning bright and early I drove my son to the airport as he is off to Annapolis for the week. He is attending the United States Naval Academy STEM program all week long and is super excited about it.  If you were to ask him what he is looking forward to most about the program.....he probably won't say the AWESOME classroom experience. He probably won't say all the really cool labs they do. He probably won't mention the mechanical engineering, chemistry, oceanography or aeronautical engineering classes that he will be attending. He probably won't even mention the field trips he gets to take.  As strange as this is - my son LOVES the Naval Academy food. Now granted - the Naval Academy saves all their best food for the STEM program and summer sessions. My daughter and many of her friends all drool over the sight at what the summer attendees get to eat. Evidently the mids do not get to eat anything even close to that. They long for the yummy selection that the summer attendees are given. But even still - I cook EVERY day for my son. I make delicious meals every single night. So why is he so excited for the food? Because they make BREAKFAST. And LUNCH.  And not cold cereal or oatmeal but full breakfasts with eggs and pancakes and waffles and hashbrowns. He piles his plate to the ceiling with pancakes and devours them all.  At lunch they serve HOT lunches with big man sandwiches. They would never serve a peanut butter and jelly sandwich made with homemade strawberry preserves on homemade potato bread. NO WAY! YUCK! Oh how I torture him at home.  The Naval Academy also have people who CLEAR the table.  He doesn't even have to do the dishes or clean up after he is done eating. Oh my. What luxury. I am hoping that when I see him next week I will be able to hear all about his experiences at the Naval Academy. I hope I will hear about the experiments they did in the laboratories. I hope I will hear about the robots they built or the amazing things he learned. I hope I will hear something other than OH MY GOSH MOM I LOVE THE NAVAL ACADEMY - they make me BREAKFAST AND LUNCH! I hope I will - but I doubt it.  He IS a growing boy after all!

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