Friday, June 3, 2011

Caramel Delight

Today we pretty much worked all day long.  We had a big list of things to get done and I think we just might get most of the things checked off before we head to bed.  There are a few items still on there but we are getting closer.  Trixie's double doodle puppies all start going to their new homes right after the weekend.  I got all 13 of their puppy care packages ready today complete with baby blankets, collars and puppy food.  The puppies are almost ready to meet their forever families.  You can tell they are excited about it!  They are doing great with housebreaking and are being just the very best puppies. We have one sweet caramel boy still available and he is just a sweetie.  We took a few extra pictures of him today to try to capture his beautiful green eyes. He is a handsome boy!
Caramel Delight!
Profile Shot
Smile for the camera!!!
And please don't forget our summer special.......
bring home a doodle puppy......
and a free kitty to love can be yours!

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