Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You know they have professionals for that

I have really long hair.  Really long very curly/frizzy hair.  When I was younger my hair was the bane of my existence.  Way back when - they didn't have gels and mousses. There was no serum or finishing products for your hair.  My hair was basically a gigantic frizzy mess. I used to run home from school during lunch and stick my head under the faucet to wet it. At least when it was wet, I looked "normal".  Once it dried however - it was another story.  When I was in 9th grade, I cut my hair to my shoulders. That was a HUGE mistake. This was back when Gilda Radner was famous for her Roseanne Roseanna Danna persona.  I pretty much looked just like her. My hair stuck out that far.  I never did live that down.  In 11th grade I went to a really expensive beauty parlor and had saved up all my money for a reverse perm.  I really wanted soft silky hair you could just toss about like they do on the hair commercials.  The effects of the perm lasted exactly one day. One day and then boing! The curl/frizz was back. In fact it was even worse and the cut they gave me only emphasized just how bad the frizz was.  I wore my hair in 2 french braids every single day for an entire school year. Once hair gels and mousses were readily available, my hair was much more manageable.  The curls were more defined and the frizz was finally (mostly) tamed. I rarely get my hair cut due to all the horrible awful cuts I received during high school and college.  I had a lot of really bad luck with stylists not believing just how frizzy my hair really was and not cutting my hair in a flattering style.  About once a year, I drag myself to the beauty parlor to get my hair cut. Well today, I was just frustrated with my hair. It was WAY too long.  The last few times I have unbuckled my seatbelt in my car, my hair has retracted along with the belt and looped itself around the metal ring. It is super thick and SO hot. It has also become just an intolerable web of tangles. I am fairly certain that bird nests are not attractive in one's hair.  I had enough. My daughter offered to cut it for me.  I thought - why not? What's the worst that can happen? French Braids for another year? I figured if she did a really bad job, I could just go pay to have it fixed. She was excited to cut my hair. Almost too excited. My sister called just as my daughter was starting to cut my hair.  She screeched, "ACK! Don't you know they have professionals for that? TRAINED professionals? Who went to school and everything? What are you doing?!!!"  I assured her it would all work out.
Enthusiastic Stylist
No more seatbelt mishaps for me
I think she did a good job!
She says it is from years of practice trimming all the doodle doggies.
I am wondering does this mean I am a doodle too?

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