Friday, June 10, 2011

Made it!

I completed my epic solo journey delivering puppies in record time.  I had a few families with long drives ahead of them after meeting their pups, so I really pushed the boundaries and drove straight with NO potty breaks for me.  The puppies of course got lots of potty breaks but I kept on going. By the time I got to the hotel, the bathroom was the only thing on my mind! The puppies were all really great travelers!  They were super quiet and seemed to enjoy the ride.  I haven't traveled without company in a long time, and although I really missed having someone to talk to, I managed just fine.  One good book on tape and the journey doesn't seem quite so long. Tonight if all goes well, I will be able to see my older daughter. I stocked the hotel refrigerator to the max in anticipation of her arrival.  She will not go back to Quantico hungry!!!!  One of the puppy families made us cookies. When I read the card on top of the cookies I thought it said, "Snicker Doodles".  Of course I continue to be under the misguided notion that I do not need glasses.  So I took out a "snicker doodle" and thought it looked a bit strange for a snicker doodle cookie as there was beautiful chocolate icing drizzled on top and OH MY GOODNESS!  I was in HEAVEN RIGHT THAT INSTANT.  They are not "Snicker Doodle" cookies but rather "Snickers cookies!"  As in SNICKERS are INSIDE the cookies! Oh I am in serious trouble.  If I eat ALL the cookies right now.....who would know?  Who would know that I had delicious cookies all to myself?  But then the GUILT. How could I eat ALL the snickers cookies and not share? That is quite evil.  I mean my daughter deserves a snickers cookie! That is what I am repeating over and over whilst I take one more bite of one more cookie. Oh my. Soooooo caramely delicious!!!!! mmmmmm! Chocolate goodness!  I am fairly certain that the container of cookies could be considered dinner.  I mean somewhere somehow - something that delicious needs to be considered a complete meal.  I must save some. I must save some. I must save some.  Suddenly my pot roast, so lovingly cooked by me...doesn't seem that appealing.  SNICKERS!!!!! Oh give me strength!!!!!

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