Monday, June 13, 2011

How Do I Love Thee?

How do I love thee? I love you enough to listen to you tell me every single thing you ate while at The Naval Academy during STEM. I love you enough to hear about the delicious chicken, the unbelievable burritos, the delectable chocolate tacos. I listened to you tell me about every glass of liquid you consumed, every dessert you inhaled and all about the wonderful barbecue. I relived your moments of hot dog glory, hamburger awesomeness and Oreo brownie heaven. For two solid hours of our drive home today, I listened to enough mouth watering descriptions of food that I myself became starving. I love you enough to stop and buy you a big sandwich for lunch. I love you enough so that when you asked me to not play the radio for our entire 8 hour drive home, I turned it off. But when it  really comes to the question ......"How Do I Love Thee"? No greater proof of my undying love for you my dear one and only son can be found in the fact that, I, your loving mother, is sitting here in Cabelas, next to a gigantic stuffed polar bear waiting ENDLESSLY for you to finish your shopping! How many fishing rods can be THAT cool? How are rows and rows and rows of ammunition THAT awesome? How many sinkers, flies, lures, bullets, gloves, knives, glasses, scopes, and duck calls does it take to fulfill your Cabelas sightseeing trip? Yes, I know it is a DESTINATION. I know lots and lots of people love to spend all day here. But the polar bear is looking at me. And I think the store manager doesn't want me typing whilst sitting by the polar bear. *sigh*.  How do I love thee???? With all my heart. And more importantly - how do you love me? So much that you want to talk to me all the way home. So much that I am more interesting than texting or the radio or watching a movie. So much so that we laughed all the way home and time really did just fly by. So I guess I will get up and leave Mr. Polar Bear and go ooooooooh and ahhhhhhh while you show me the 100th fishing lure of the day. I love you my son and I am so lucky to spend my day with you!

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