Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy...YES !

Guess who REALLY REALLY missed my son while we were gone? If you guessed Mr. Yesteryear Acres - you would be partially correct because of course Mr. Yesteryear Acres missed him. But even more than Mr. Yesteryear Acres ...THE DOGGIES missed him the most! The very first thing my son did was to ask the doggies if they wanted to go
play ..."F E T C H".
They said "Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy...YES!"
The Doggies adore him.
And he adores the doggies.
The ever so clever...Up in the Air Throw
The ever so clever "PSYCH" (non) Throw
Playing Fetch with the orange dummy is the very best fun ever!
 Doggie Good Times!!!!!

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