Friday, June 17, 2011

I wonder if I will be able to move my legs tomorrow

This morning both my son and my daughter came with me to the Arboretum to keep me company on my walk. I thought we would have a nice little stroll and chat and laugh and admire the lovely trees and flowers. WRONG! How about a very fast paced, "Come ON mom" brisk walk/run and "Let's WALK the ENTIRE PARK!" type experience. Oh my gosh.  I. Am. Tired! What started out as a little mild jaunt turned into an expedition. Well at least an expedition for me - for my son and daughter it was a mild workout I am sure.  I was willing to walk the entire 3 mile trail. Very willing.  But then they added the "OH let's walk around the entire lake!" and "OH let's climb ALL those stairs and go to the top of the observation tower!" and "We HAVE to go walk around the Japanese Garden!"  I put my foot down when my son wanted to add an extra few laps around the parking lot.  He was serious.  He was like, "Don't you want to be less jiggly? Don't you want to commit to the walk?" I let him know that the 4.25 miles that we already walked made me feel quite committed enough. He was welcome to walk around the parking lot, but I was crawling to the car!!!!
It was a beautiful day:
The Arboretum is a lovely place to take a walk -
and of course the best part is they allow dogs which makes it extra enjoyable
Here is my view of the walk
Notice that my view never changes....
I just fall further behind
The view from the top of the observation tower
Proof that I did not in fact die on the way up the stairs
I know I am lucky to have such awesome company!
Oh joy - let's add some more miles to our walk!
Isn't that better?
And finally.....
PLEASE can't we walk around the parking lot? Can't we go add the swamp? We didn't even see the Rare Tree collection!
I promised I would go back again tomorrow. I am hoping that we stick to a normal walk.....but something tells me I better bring more water!

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