Thursday, December 1, 2011

Live from the Cold Stone Steps

The Blog title kind of sounds like a rock band doesn't it? Instead it is actually the REALLY COLD STONE STEPS. After much maneuvering and hobbling, I made it out the door and onto our stone steps that lead to the porch. Today is the much overdue PUPPY PICTURE DAY so I had to get outside to get some cute pictures of the puppies.  I don't have the stamina to stand on one foot for endless hours so I had to sit on the steps. Can I say the steps are REALLY REALLY REALLY COLD!?!!  I have to wear a dress of all things because my pants won't fit over my gigantic cast.  I do not own any winter dresses so I am stuck wearing a sundress and a fleece sweatshirt. OH MY. I am a vision! I have on a tank-style sundress and over it is a button down fleece shirt. I am STILL cold - well because it is DECEMBER and I am wearing a sundress so to complete my awesome outfit, I am sporting a long black and grey striped legwarmer on my good leg to help keep it warm.  I tell you - I should be on America's Top Model right now.  I am sure this will be all the fashion craze in the spring! So anyway, I made it outside and plopped down onto the frigid stone step and attempted to take some pictures of the puppies.  I can't say it was my best effort but I did get it done.
"Come here puppies and sit for the camera while I take your pictures."
Do not pay any attention to the GIGANTIC FOOT! This will make for a GREAT PHOTO SHOOT! I just know it!
Noooo puppies do not climb onto my knee scooter for the pictures!
Noooo puppy do not gnaw on the brake line to my scooter!
Noooo puppy do not chase Mr. Yesteryear Acres
Well - she didn't say cheese - but she did sit for the picture!
And for everyone who thought MAYBE just MAYBE I lost my touch
I can still hop and sneak up on sleepy little baby puppies and click off a few good shots before they even know they said "cheese"
Awwwwww so cute!!!!

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