Sunday, January 22, 2012

Say Cheese!!!

If you have ever traveled on a cruise ship then you will know that the photographers are everywhere.  They love to take your picture as soon as you get on the ship.  They love to take your picture when you go to dinner. They love to take your picture when you get off the ship, while you walk through the ship, while you are dressed up, while you are in your swimsuit, while you are playing games or any chance they can find you.  I normally just pose for one or two pictures and then kind of sneakily avoid them.  Well my mom and sister wanted to buy a complete picture package of our trip here and the package they chose includes ALL the pictures the photographers take.  So we have taken a lot of photos.  By a lot, I mean A LOT. We have the biggest folder you have ever seen. Most people who buy that package just get the formal pose on formal night and a couple of poses in various ports.  Not us.  We have made it a mission to do ALL the pictures and ALL the poses for the entire cruise.  I am fairly certain we have over 100 pictures.  Of course as we continued to take  more and more pictures - I began to get more and more silly with my poses.  I mean honestly - how many "camera smile" pictures can one person look at?  My mom keeps saying make this a NICE pose PLEASE.  So I say, "Like this?" and then I do my very best Charlie's Angel's pose. Or I do America's Next Top Model super pose.  Each day the photographers put up all the pictures they took the night before. As the trip has gone on - evidently the thing to do for the other passengers is to go look at our pictures.  We have people coming up to us all day long telling us that they LOVE looking at our pictures.  They can't wait to see our pictures each day.  Last night I started getting invited to be in other people's pictures.  So if your grandma or grandpa happened to have been on a cruise - and you see someone that has curly hair, 2 silver crutches and a huge smile.....well it might be me!!! Say Cheese!

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