Wednesday, January 25, 2012

111 times....SAY CHEESE!

111. As in One Hundred Eleven. That is how many professional pictures my mom, sister and I took on our cruise.  This does not even include our gabillion pictures we took on our own cameras. Nope. This is just how many poses we did with the professional photographers onboard the ship.  Staggering isn't it?!  Not only did we pose 111 times - but I heard 111 times, "PLEASE make this a nice picture"!!!!  My mom said that at least that many times.  I don't know what she is talking about!
Look how nice this picture is. Can you see my serious camera smile?  My sister and I are SO nice!!!!

I would never ever joke around with the photographers!

Or make people crack up!
I would like to say at this point - we had attracted a crowd and now had a following.  Everyone wanted to see what kind of picture we would do the next night!

The answer......America's Next Top Model!!!!  Of course!

The photographer liked our style so much - he wanted a photo of his own.
Check out my hair.  Classic good stuff right there!!!!

Just so you know - no matter WHAT my mom says - I can be nice for the camera!

Even if we are stacked up like building blocks!

My mom literally had to crawl in through the picture frame for this shot.  You should see the other 12 photos of us laughing hysterically that I didn't post!

OOOOH SISTER Picture!!!!!!

And Last....But certainly not least....Our Bahamas picture.  We took the same picture from this exact spot when we traveled together almost 12 years ago.  All I can say is....Please, Please, Please - when my mom, sister and I take our next trip 10 years from now - do not let me look back at this picture and say, "Look how much thinner and younger we were back then!"  I want to say, "I look exactly the same!!!!!"

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