Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Last Hop-a-long... Roll-a-long Day!

Oh I cannot WAIT until tomorrow morning! I go see the orthopedic surgeon and if all goes well...the cast comes OFF! I will be able to WALK AGAIN! Well maybe not exactly walk but at least I will be able to hobble!  My broken leg is soooooooo tiny.  It is a supermodel leg!  It is the smallest most slender leg you have ever seen.  It makes my other leg seem ginormous! Each day when my bandage gets changed, I have watched my bad leg ever so slowly disappear.  It is astonishing how quickly a muscle can shrink!  I have virtually no calf muscle whatsoever.  I am thinking the first few steps might be somewhat challenging. Even so - nothing is more challenging than not walking at all!  I have rolled around my house here for 6+ weeks.  The only times I have gone out of the house were for Christmas and to the surgeon's office.  It has been a long 6 weeks!  I can't bring my dinner plate to the dining room.  I can't bring a puppy from one room to the other. I can't bring a cup of coffee with me.....ONE MORE DAY and I can do all of those things! Oh I cannot wait to CARRY something and go from one room to the next! I can tell you that without a doubt - if you want to appreciate something that perhaps you might take for granted, such as getting your own cup of coffee, try doing without and you will be ever so grateful to be able to do that again the rest of your life! Walking down the driveway in the pouring rain to get the mail....GRATEFUL!  Carrying a load of laundry upstairs....GRATEFUL!  Getting a glass of water when I am thirsty and not waiting an hour for someone to come in the house to get it for me....GRATEFUL! Washing my own clothes and then folding them and then putting them away....GRATEFUL!   Walking upstairs and going to bed at night....GRATEFUL! Wearing REAL LIFE JEANS.....GRATEFUL!  I am just one day away from putting on a real pair of pants!  Goodbye skirts!!!!  Oh my dear skinny leg...I HAVE MISSED YOU! This is the LAST Hop-a-long, Roll-a-long day!

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  1. Good luck! I just got out of my walking boot today and it's a great feeling (even though I have no ankle strength left and my heel didn't know what to do when I first put weight on it). I hope you enjoy many more days of carrying things around. :)


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