Sunday, January 8, 2012

Step Up My Game

Last night Mr. Yesteryear Acres walked in the door way past dinner time -it was almost bed time before he arrived home.  He had been delayed in Annapolis and didn't get to leave the Naval Academy until well into the afternoon. My daughter needed some last minute emergency help from Mr. Yesteryear Acres and as always - he saved the day. He is the most reliable and most dependable Hero of the Day (I might even go as far to say he is my hero each and every day). With my daughter's endless gratitude Mr. Yesteryear Acres headed on home. Despite being really sleepy, Mr. Yesteryear Acres made it home safe and sound. When he walked in the door, I gave him my usual "Hi! SO GLAD you are home!' and hugged him and was super glad to see him.  Evidently I need to step up my game.  My dogs totally out shined me in in the welcome home department.  My welcome home was like lukewarm bread and water while their welcome home was more like a fabulous Prime Rib Dinner with all the trimmings. I DID give Mr. Yesteryear Acres a hug hello.  I DID tell Mr. Yesteryear Acres I was glad to see him but noooooooooooooo that was mere pittance compared to the stampede that ensued the moment the doggies heard Mr. Yesteryear Acres say. "I'm Home!" Suddenly all the doggies in the house came running towards Yesteryear Acres with their tails wagging on full speed.  There were even audible whimpers of appreciation for his return.  Kisses, hugs, tail wagging, prancing, a cornucopia of doggie dancing all hailing their mighty hero's great return.  As far as they were concerned Mr. Yesteryear Acres had been gone for EONS.  He had been gone so long they almost perished without him.  And of course Mr. Yesteryear Acres was all smiles - hugging the doggies and laughing and so full of love and joy and .....hey WAIT A MINUTE!  I think Mr. Yesteryear Acres was WAY more excited to see the doggies than he was to see me! Their greeting must have lasted 15 whole minutes. 15 minutes of jumping for joy.  I think my greeting lasted 15 seconds.  Something is wrong here. I need to definitely step up my game!  I think next time I will have to have trumpets blaring, drill team marching, parade, floats, and a whole lot of cheering. MR. YESTERYEAR ACRES!!!  YOU ARE HOME!  YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I totally know how you feel - lol. When James walks in the door every night, I get a "hey sweetie" and a kiss. The dogs get this high-pitched "hello babies".... lots of back rubs, ear rubs and sometimes even a belly rub. Mmmm... somthing is definitely wrong with that picture. ;-)


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