Thursday, January 26, 2012


For anyone who has ever had a medical emergency come up - you know how quickly a turn of events can unfold. One minute life is perfect and running along smoothly and the very next - your whole world kind of crumbles around you.  It happens in an instant. At that exact moment your every thought is how much you cherish your family, how much you treasure your life, how much you treasure all your blessings. Your world has come into precise focus and you know without a doubt what is and what is not important. We have had some very close calls here at Yesteryear Acres and in having close calls we never take a day for granted.  We are sure to be thankful for all we have been given.  When it comes down to it - the only thing that matters is family. I know I cherish mine. I know I am thankful for mine each and every single day. I am love them with every fiber of my being and I am blessed to be loved that much right back. I have the most beautiful loving family and I am grateful for them all the days of my life. And so on this "not so much happening - regular good ole Thursday" I am filled with happiness and gratefulness and love.  Shouldn't every Thursday be so lucky?

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