Friday, January 27, 2012

Run Run Run Around

Today was Run Errand day. I had tons of errands to run so I consolidated everything to make it one big RUN errand day. Well technically I think today was WALK errand day. Well technically I think today was DRIVE, HOBBLE, errand day. Although technically I CAN walk now - it isn't very fast.  I am not really running anywhere. I am what you might say taking the scenic route. Oh look at that puddle.  Same puddle. Still looking at puddle. Wonder when I will ever make it to the other side of that puddle. Man that puddle is big.  When will it ever end.  Gee I am soaked! You get the picture. My morning started out with the infamous, "MOM I forgot my........" text so my first errand of the day was already plotted. My son had a French Food project for French Class.  Last night he decided to make a loaf of French Bread - from scratch. I supervised the project but he did everything himself and did a good job.  The baguette wasn't exactly beautiful but it was pretty darn close.  So what did he forget to bring to school this morning? THE BAGUETTE! ARGH.  Luckily I am the nicest sweetest mom in the WHOLE world (right son?) and got the bread to his school on time.  I also went to the bank, post office, store, County Clerks office etc.  I made a day of it.  It was nice to get out and actually DRIVE the car!  It is the first time I have driven since November! Tomorrow I think I will step up my game and make it "Clean the House Day!" Oooooh ahhhh.  I think I might have to start with something like - unpacking my suitcase. It is sitting right here staring at me.  I believe it is mocking me. It is thinking, Ha ha ha ha - I have ALL your summer clothes and you can't wear them anymore! Enjoy the ice rain! Darn suitcase. Perhaps I should make that my first assignment of the day.  Either that or continue to ignore it.  One of those ideas is definitely in the works!

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