Friday, January 6, 2012


What IS this? I don't hear anything.  I don't hear laughter. I don't hear commotion. I don't hear pots and pans or TV shows or radios blaring or doors slamming or ANYTHING.  EVERYONE is GONE! WAH! I can't remember the last time I was ALL alone.  It adds insult to my empty nest! Mr. Yesteryear Acres left early this morning to drive my older daughter back to the Naval Academy. Despite my stage of denial, despite my steadfast resolve to NOT believe she was leaving, despite my desperate attempts to secretly stash her in my home forever....she left! On time! Mr. Yesteryear Acres took her! And the puppies! My son is at school. My younger daughter is at college. My older daughter and Mr. Yesteryear Acres are on the road and here I sit....Alone.  Just me and my broken leg/ankle.  Just me and my cast.  Just me and my shadow. No wait no shadow because despite what I am told about it being beautiful and sunny outside - I am all alone in the house with no sunshine. Sadness! I suppose if you are going to make a transition from  happy house full of children to empty nest - you should just RIP the band aid off and do it with gusto.  And so I am alone in the house listening to silence. Mr Yesteryear Acres won't be back until tomorrow! I swear I am not counting the minutes until my son gets off the bus from school. I swear I am not thinking of how much I would like my cup of coffee that is sitting in the microwave. I swear I am not thinking of how many more minutes until I hear the bus roll up the hill. I swear I will not pounce on my son the second he walks in the door.  I probably should repeat that one because I don't actually want to accost him with YOU ARE HOME! I MISSED YOU! OH MY GOSH I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE HOME! because after all he is 15 years old and I am thinking he would not quite appreciate my enthusiastic almost desperate welcome. So I won't count the minutes. Really.  I am won't. 49.....48......47.......

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