Thursday, January 19, 2012

That Made My Heart Smile

I have to say I have become quite popular on the cruise.  I have people coming up to me all day long asking how I am doing and how my ankle is.  I have several people that remind me to take it slow and to put my foot up.  I am surrounded by many new grandmas and grandpas I never knew I had.  It is now to the point that we have people join us in what we are doing.  We have a table for four each dinner - and of course that leaves one seat open. The first few nights the chair remained empty but the other night we had an elderly gentleman come and sit with us because he wanted to share the evening with the happiest looking group he ever saw.  This has led to other people wanting to sit with us and so we never know who will come and join us. I have heard a lot of sad tales about people losing their loved ones.  I can hardly keep the tears back.  There are a lot of older single people traveling on this cruise.  Last night a man named George sat with us.  I guessed George's age to be around 65 tops. Nope!  He is 81. He shared with us how he lost his wife and he has never been the same since.  He also said he really wanted to go to the show that evening.  Well the show wasn't exactly my cup of tea - but I didn't tell George that and said I would go with him.  The entertainer sang all the old classics.  And by old I mean "Camp Town Ladies" and "The Saints Come Marching In".  You should have seen the entire Vista Lounge light up with the clapping with "Oh When the Saints...."  All through the show George kept saying, "Don't you love this?" and "Oh I am so happy to sit with you" and "You make my heart smile".  So when George asked me at the end of the show, "Didn't you just love that?"  I turned to George and said that I Loved it.  And you know...I really did.

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