Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is There a Woman I can Talk to?

I have been told there is a Progresso Soup commercial where a woman calls into Progresso to excitedly share her weight loss news only to receive a lukewarm uninterested response. At that point she asks if there is a woman she can talk to. So last night at dinner, I share my big news...... I got a real authentic SNEAKER on my  foot!  With laces! And a sock! And I walked ALL the way to the pond AND back with OUT crutches. ALL BY MYSELF!  I shared this news with the biggest smile on my face.  I mean can you imagine? A real sneaker!  The first shoe I have put on my foot since I broke my ankle over Thanksgiving! And I got it over my brace and I walked.  Now it wasn't pretty. I have a weird limpy gimpy gait. It wasn't fast. Snails passed me on the trail. But I did it. So what response did I receive at the dinner table??? "that's nice." That's nice?????  Not even "That's Nice!!!" it was all lower case enthusiasm ..."that's nice."  Kind of like a dismissive, "that's nice dear".  What the heck?!  I started to protest. I started to inform the "boys" how monumental this occasion was.  My son said that I sounded like the woman in the Progresso Soup commercial and suggested I call one of his sisters. ARGH! MEN!  So of course I called my younger daughter. YEA!  I got a lot of - "WOW!  GOOD JOB! THAT IS AWESOME!  YEA MOMMY!"  I almost got a full parade with a marching band! Thank goodness someone was excited for me. I guess the only way to get an enthusiastic response around here is to talk about how I ran errands and picked up a carburetor along the way. OH WOW! A CARBURETOR! So much better than let's say, someone breaking their ankle and then walking for the first time in a shoe.......Is There a Woman I can Talk to?

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