Sunday, January 29, 2012

Right Again!

To say that Mr. Yesteryear Acres is diligent about safety would be an understatement.  He is Mr. Safety. Way back when, long before we started raising cute puppies, Mr. Yesteryear Acres was the Health, Environmental and Safety officer at his work. He is that same person here.  Lock the doors, password protect this, password protect that, lock the doors, never give out info over a cell phone, burn all the mail, shred old receipts, never use public Wi-Fi, lock the doors... did I mention lock the doors?  We are as secure as an armored tank here. Once in a while his commitment to safety is a little annoying. I mean it is ALL the time.  Well wouldn't you know it -Mr. Yesteryear Acres was right! My credit card number was hacked! ARGH!  I mean if it isn't bad enough to have someone STEAL your credit card number - I now have to listen to Mr. Yesteryear Acres go on and on about how easy it is for people to steal your information. It wasn't even my fault!  I didn't leave my credit card out for someone to copy it. I didn't leave my purse at a restaurant. I didn't drop my credit card at a store. I used my credit card online. I was checking in for my flight home on a wireless network and paid for my luggage online to save the extra fee at the airport.  That is it.  That is ALL I did and evidently within seconds of me entering my numbers online - my credit card info was stolen. Over the Wi-Fi.  ARGH!  Luckily my credit card company is awesome and had a fraud alert notice within an hour.  I guess they figured I really didn't need SEVEN charges of $251.76 from USPS. Or new tools in exact increments - 9 times in a row.  I now get to have a brand new credit card with brand new numbers. And you know what that means. I have to change EVERYTHING that automatically gets charged to my account. Water, Electric, Gas, Cable etc.  You know the drill. Just when I had the old credit card info memorized! I suppose by the time I am done fixing all my accounts I will have the new one memorized.  You can bet though that all this work will be done over a SECURE network. Darn that Mr. Yesteryear Acres. Right again!

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