Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh boy! Oh Boy! OH BOY!

Something must be in the water here at Yesteryear Acres. Something that makes us all say...."Oh boy! Oh Boy!! OH BOY!!!!"  This is what we said when Juneau delivered her babies. She had 12 pups and 10 of them were boys.  This is what we said when Cheyenne delivered her babies.  She had 6 pups. All were boys.  This is what we said when Eloise delivered her babies.  We said, "Oh BOY!" seven times in a row.  Number 8 was ....A GIRL!!!  So when Ginger delivered her puppies and we had FIVE girls - we thought the "something in the water" disappeared. Well wouldn't you know it. Phoebe didn't want to be left out.  Phoebe didn't want Ginger to have ALL the brand new Goldendoodle baby attention. Phoebe who barely looked pregnant and we were all sure the breeding did NOT take, decided she would do her very best to make us all say, "OH BOY!" once again.  First baby born....OH BOY! and OH BOY! as one was followed quickly by the other.  She wanted to make sure we were wide awake and ready for the big event.  This was followed by a nice leisurely nap and then one hour later...OH boy again!  We ended up saying OH BOY .....7 times!  We were quite pleased with our little bundle of 7 boys.  Phoebe looked quite proud as well.  She kept smiling and wagging her little tail saying - look at my 7 beautiful bouncing baby boys.  2 hours later, Phoebe's smile was a little bit bigger.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I did a double take.  We counted and then recounted. EIGHT!  Number 8 arrived without a lot of fanfare but.......OH GIRL! Look at the sweet little babies.......
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy......OH girl!

The picture was taken right after they were born so they are all new and pink.  The nose pigment doesn't develop for a few days.  When the new pictures are posted next week, the puppies will all have black noses. In case you didn't know - little boy puppies make AWESOME doggie companions! They are SO loveable. They love everyone and are nice and easy going. Another awesome thing about boy doggies do I put this delicately....their "plumbing" is on the outside.  This means no puppy vaginitis, rarely if ever puppy UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) and no stitches when it is time to get neutered. A quick in and out and a bag of frozen peas will do the trick!  It is far less expensive too.  So YEA for OH BOYS!

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