Monday, January 2, 2012

First Snowfall!

Winter came by for a visit today! SNOW fell from the sky and slightly blanketed Yesteryear Acres for a little while.  It caused much excitement!  REAL SNOW!  We haven't had snow all winter long!  Every day is rain rain rain and more rain.  To see real white beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky was a gorgeous and much awaited sight to see!  The doodles were happy.  The puppies were happy. The doggies were happy. AND the people were happy too!  SNOW! YEA!
We got just a whisper of snow but still enough to bring smiles to everyone here at Yesteryear Acres
Blossom ran out to get the first taste
I LOVE the snow!!!!!!
I don't know what it is .....but I like it!
Can we play outside all day?
And have hot chocolate when we are done!
Eloise's little baby Goldendoodles stayed inside all snuggied together as warm as can be 
Scarlet's little double doodle baby says, "I hope there is still some snow when I am big enough to play!"

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