Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cleared for Take-Off

A little over 12 years ago my mother asked my sister and I if we would like to make a commitment together to take a vacation every 5-10 years - just us girls. As you can imagine we both quickly said, "YES!" We had never gone anywhere just the 3 of us and in addition at that time in our lives we hadn't had the opportunity to go on many vacations. Both my sister and I were wondering where we would go. State Park? Camping? Maybe even something as fabulous as going to the Sunshine State? Where would our mom take us?  Well she surprised us by taking us on a cruise! We couldn't believe it.  We were SO excited.  A cruise was something we had always dreamed of but never in our whole lives did we think we would actually go on one.  When we boarded the ship I couldn't hold back the tears of happiness.It was beyond my greatest vacation dream come true. We had the best time ever. Here we are......a LONG time ago.
See how long ago?  I am DEFINITELY less fluffy.  This is back in the day where having our picture taken in a bathing suit was not followed by an immediate reaction of "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Nooooooooooooooooo!" Look at my sister.  She is wearing a bikini! This only proves we were soooo young because the word bikini is a four letter word now. Look at my mom.  She has ummmmmmmmmm she has ummmmmmmmmm hair that is................not............."platinum".  Maybe we look SLIGHTLY younger in this picture than how we appear now.  Slightly less fluffy too. Although I still say fluffiness is cute right?! RIGHT?!
Here is my sister and I this Christmas saying, "We look EXACTLY the same!"
Here's my mom saying, "Of COURSE we do sweetie!"
2 years ago my mom started planning another fabulous cruise for the 3 of us and of course we could barely contain our excitement! I love my sister! I love my mom!  I love a big huge cruise ship with endless food and entertainment and views of the ocean! Our trip was set when..............yes someone decided to fall in slippery mud and break an ankle, rip a tendon and lose the use of a precious and much loved leg for the past 6+ weeks. The trip looked doomed. Even my surgeon said the trip looked doomed. Well yesterday the surgeon said as long as I was careful.....I was cleared for take-off! I got permission to go!  So next week - Bon Voyage!  My mom and my sister and I will still have our vacation together! Now while I can promise you lots of smiles, I can promise you pictures, I can promise you stories, what I cannot and will not promise is a picture of my sister and I in swimsuits! Especially in a bikini!!  You are welcome.  I knew you were worried that we would try to recreate the magic of that picture.   Don't worry though....the smiles will be the same!!!!!!!!!!

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