Saturday, January 21, 2012

Old Man Winter

So I hear that perhaps winter has set in back home.  I have heard that it is REALLY COLD.   And VERY SNOWY.  And even HORRIBLY ICY.  I have to admit that while of course I am very sad and sorry for all those that are cold - I may have slightly smiled when I heard Old Man Winter had finally arrived. It isn't like I WANT everyone to be cold back home but as I am one to thoroughly enjoy the moment I am living in.....My moment happens to be sun-filled and warm.  I am sure you are not smiling when you get the reverse news. I am in the warm sun - you are in the cold winter  - but I assure you the warm sun brings lots of smiles.  Lots and Lots!  My younger daughter told me to soak it all in because I will never find it again once I get back home.  So I will listen to her and soak it all in.  Maybe if I am really really lucky I can keep a little of it to bring home with me.  You never know.  Stay warm! I am thinking of you all.

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