Friday, January 20, 2012

YMCA! Sing it with me!!!

Every night my mom and sister and I go to whatever "game show" the cruise is putting on.  One night it was Battle of the Sexes, another night was Name that Tune.  We are very good at game playing so we love to participate.  Last night the game of the evening was called "Sea Quest".  The show lounge was divided up into 4 sections and each section had a team captain.  Surprise Surprise - my sister and I were the team captain for Team One. The game involved some running back and forth to the game show host so my sister was the official runner. The object of the game was to have your team produce whatever the host asked for and be the first team to run to the host with your team number and the asked for item.  We had our team VERY excited to participate.  We got the ball rolling earlier in the evening and had the lounge doing the "YMCA" dance...from their chairs.  I said, 'Come on people!!  You can do it even from your scooters and wheel chairs!"  At first everyone was very quiet and hesitant but with more encouragement we had pretty much everyone dancing along. "Y M CA its fun to stay at the YMCA!" By the time the game officially started our team was warmed up and ready for action!  The host asked for various odd objects such as car keys (which NO one had because who would be driving on a cruise vacation?) We substituted scooter keys for the car keys and immediately had them by the boat load! Combs, empty purses, picture of grandchildren, picture of the White House (found that one on currency), belts, shoelaces - you name it.  It was a race to get everything up to the host as fast as we could. When the host asked for false teeth.......well yes we got them too.  My sister never grabbed a napkin so quickly in her entire life!!!!!! I am sure it is no surprise that we won.  Everyone on our team got........BINGO CARDS! We have now pretty much reached hero status onboard.  Of course we gave our bingo cards away and now all day long we have been asked if we will be at the game show tonight. Yes. Yes we will...because everyone knows it is fun to stay at the YMCA!

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