Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Toes

So despite the fact my ankle looks like it swallowed a softball, I am making progress on my mobility.  I called and talked to the nurse at the surgeons office and she said the swelling was normal so I am going to take her word for it.  I was worried because it looks worse now than when I broke it.  Hopefully she is right and this is just part of the healing process. I have been able to get up and down the stairs in an upright position so this is a great improvement.  I am all done doing the butt scoot up the stairs!  That part is awesome!  I am also able to let all the doggies in and out of the house all by myself which is another huge improvement. The doggies are all happy with the progress. My mom must be happy too because she came over with some presents for me. My surgeon wants me to wear a lace up sneaker so my mom came over with brand new shoes and new socks for me. I have SUPER soft knee high socks for my walking cast and then shorter really cute colorful socks for my ankle brace. I am totally outfitted with the cutest socks you have ever seen. Each day I can think about which cute sock I would like to wear and then I can just keep on trucking.  One foot in front of the other! PROGRESS!

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