Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Have Found My People!

To say that my sister and I are the youngest people on this cruise would be a big understatement.  Almost all the passengers on board have at least 20 years on us - some even more.  Yes. I have found my people.  I am in the land of canes and crutches and I fit right in! I am not the slowest walker/hobbler any more! There are still MANY people who can definitely beat me in a foot race here but there are an equal amount of people that I can keep pace with. I can walk as slowly as I would like - and no one minds.  Everyone walks slowly and everyone is friendly and kind to me and my hobbling.  Many of the passengers and I  have become fast friends.  I hear a lot of "Oh Bless your Heart" so I know I am completely blessed on this cruise and in good company.  I have heard many stories from other passengers on how they broke their hip/wrist/ankle/leg so we can all swap our various injury stories.  Amazingly - no one I have talked to so far has broken their leg/ankle outrunning a wild pack of cheetahs whilst escaping a horrific volcano eruption during an adventurous rock climbing expedition.  Just me.  Of course I say it was either that or I slipped in the mud.  Oddly - everyone automatically assumes it was the fall in the mud that did me in. Go figure. We have had some good laughs and I am finding myself surrounded by a lot of really nice thoughtful friendly people.  Guess I better go. I am needed for a "Name that Tune" trivia challenge.  We will have the music of the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and today ALL covered!  We will win this thing!!!!!

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