Friday, May 31, 2013

True Love

Special Delivery! A package was delivered to me this morning.  What could it be?  What was inside?  I will tell you what.......
True Love!
I opened the box and.....oh my goodness.........MY FAVORITE THING!
Sea Salt Caramel FUDGE!!!!!
It is so soft.  It is so fresh.  It looks so mouthwatering delicious! I am SO EXCITED! Then I opened the card, and immediately tears filled my eyes.  Who sent me the present?  My older daughter! She is so busy at the Marine Corps and barely has time for herself so taking time to do something this sweet means SO much to me. And she sent FUDGE! She knows me SO well.  When is fudge more than fudge?  When it comes from your daughter and is filled with love.  Thank you my sweet daughter!  The only thing that would make this gift better if you were here to share it with me!  I miss you!  RAH!

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