Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dinner Ideas

It looks as though dinner time here at Yesteryear Acres might include an extra guest or two for a little while. Without going into too much detail, we have a high school student that comes and helps us out from time to time and he is facing some really hard times at home.  Let me just say, whenever you think you might be having a really bad day, let me promise you, somewhere else - someone is having a much worse day. If you feel safe and loved and have a roof over your head and food in your belly - that should be enough blessings for a lifetime.  To not feel loved or safe, or to be hungry - there is just so much suffering.  It literally breaks my heart. So it looks like I may be setting an extra place for a while and I need some dinner ideas! As you know, we have a huge garden here at Yesteryear Acres.  We probably eat 4 vegetarian meals a week.  We LOVE our veggies.  We also eat whole grains like wheat berries and quinoa.  The food here is always homemade and always delicious!  However, our guest has different food preferences.  I believe if he were offered pizza for every single meal - he would like that. Roasted Garden Vegetables with a Sunny Side up egg served over wheat berries would NOT be something he would eat.  So what do I make for the "hamburger and french fries" type foodie? I want it to be tasty and nutritious AND something he will eat.  Ideas?  I am thinking that my menu tonight - zucchini and mushroom spaghetti - won't quite fit the bill.  I need to change it and come up with a few new menu options.  I am sure my guest will appreciate it and yes.... so will my son! He longs for a good ole hamburger night!  Guess he will get his wish this week!


  1. I like to make individual mini pizzas on tortilla shells. Chop up a bunch of options for toppings and then everyone can make it to suite their taste. I prefer onions and veggies but my husband always goes for the meatballs and pepperoni. The thin crust is amazing.

    Last week I made tacos, but instead of ground beef I used lentils. My husband said he could barely tell the difference!

    Good luck!


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