Saturday, February 8, 2014

It's Fun - I promise!

Even though it looks like the inside of a snow globe here at Yesteryear Acres, the puppies still have to learn to go outside and become winter lovers.  At first, the little puppies aren't so keen on the idea, but this happens no matter what the weather might be.  I can take puppies outside for the first time on the most glorious beautiful day ever, and they still won't be so keen on the idea of being outdoors.  It takes a couple of minutes before they realize that HEY!  This IS fun!!! When it is super snowy, it does take a little longer. Today we had Grits to help the puppies figure things out.
Come on little puppies. Follow me!

You mean I need to walk on this white stuff?

Like this?

Okay! I peed! Now what?

We have to wait for everyone to finish

Hey! Snowflakes do taste yummy!

Good thing the puppies like the snow.....
From the look of our pond  - we have a lot of winter still to love!

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