Monday, February 3, 2014

Bring on the Chow!

Juneau's babies are now four weeks old and that means....FOOD!  It is time for some delicious chow for them. At first the puppies act as though we are torturing them with the puppy gruel.  As if how could we be so inconsiderate to offer them this stuff that has to be chewed! They balk at it and even walk through it but then once they get a little bit on their lips - it is game on!  By the 3rd or 4th day they are all running to the food dish with their tails wagging. This will be a big growth week for them.  Here are this week's pictures...
These curly boys are ready for the puppy gruel!

I can't wait to get my paws in yummy puppy food.

Juneau's red caramel girl is patiently waiting

Is picture taking time over yet????

Mmmmm...Something smells good!
 this weekend we had NEW babies!
Eloise delivered her Double Doodle Puppies

We have Four Beautiful Girls

And Four Beautiful Boys
It was thoughtful of Eloise to be so even!
Happy Monday!

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