Sunday, February 2, 2014


Oh boy!  I never knew that one of my life's aspirations was to own a 20 acre size ice field.  I mean imagine the amount of skating that can be done in that amount of space.  Ice Hockey could last for days! I knew I was in trouble early this morning when one of our doodle doggies slid all the way across the brick walkway the second she stepped outside. Yesterday's warm weather provided today's solid ice. Each time I have gone outside with the doggies, I have taken small little steps ever so gingerly.  I almost look as if I am not even walking.  Even with this, every step is "WHOA!' and then I recover.  And the next step is WHOA! again.  Our yard is frozen solid and the grass under the ice is frozen solid.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son dug out the crampons for their boots.  Of course, they look like pros outside.  Never miss a beat.  They must be crampon experts.  I however am not that gifted and so today, I pretty much skated and slid my way in and out of the house.  I believe there is a significant chance for snow the next few days and I hope that happens!  I am really good at snow walking!  Ice....not so much.  Of course with our weather we are just as likely to have an ice/rain/ice/sleet/snow/ice storm, so maybe my best bet is to talk Mr. Yesteryear Acres into taking the doggies in and out!  I mean he is the one that has blocked the porch.....Hmmmm.  I just might be onto something here!

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