Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Your Very Own Snowman Maker

I had many people ask if we have available puppies in Juneau's litter and the answer is yes.  We have one adorable caramel wavy coated puppy and one adorable apricot curly coated puppy still available.  They will be ready for their new homes starting this weekend and I will be making a Puppy Delivery to the Maryland/Virginia area on February 28th. Here is Mr. Rainbow Collar boy - he has a terrific low to non-shedding coat AND he is an excellent snowman maker!
Mr. Rainbow Collar boy knows how to select the just the right snow for the job

He has special snowman making skills

He starts the snowball with his paw

And then rolls the snowball with his nose

He has an entire collection of snowballs in the yard

He is really good at rolling the snowballs downhill

And once they get going

It is time to....


Mmmm! That was tasty!

Off to make more snowmen!

He's even willing to clean snow off his best friend
He's a good snow puppy!

Wanna make snowmen together?

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