Friday, February 21, 2014

What WAS That?!!!

Last night as Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I were peacefully watching a TV show, out of the blue, the entire house shook and BOOM!!!!  What WAS That?!  We jumped to our feet and ran to the windows.  Did a transformer blow up?  Did a car explode?  Sonic Boom????  As we were searching for answers, the entire sky LIT up. Ohhhhhhhh. LIGHTNING!  And thunder!  It was such an odd thing to hear thunder that neither Mr. Yesteryear Acres nor I registered the sound.  I mean just last week we were under snow emergencies.  We had probably 2 feet of snow in our backyard.  And now? Thunderstorms?!!!  Our poor doodle doggie Grits had never heard thunder in her entire life and judging by Mr. Yesteryear Acres reaction and my reaction to the sound - Grits almost jumped out of her skin.  We did have subsequent thunder and lightning so we were able to convince Grits that even though the house was shaking and lightning was streaking across the sky - it was all good. I wonder - just who is in charge of this weather?!  We had inches of rain fall yesterday. Why? Tonight the weatherman said that this weekend will be quieter but next week - another arctic front is headed our way.  All those a bit tired of our extreme weather, raise their hands.....and paws! Looks like we all better bundle back up again. And bring an umbrella.  And a snow shovel.  And a ski suit.  And raincoat. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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