Thursday, February 6, 2014

Morning Sparkles

This morning the sun lit up our snow-filled landscape and created a kaleidoscope of snow sparkles. It was so beautiful.  I tried sitting at my desk to get some work done but the outside just called to me. Even though it was pretty darn cold this morning, I put on my snow gear and headed out for a morning snow sparkle walk.  
It's hard to capture all the sparkling snow - but it was so beautiful

Grits agreed with me.  The morning walk idea was awesome.

The ground was so frozen that Grits barely left any footprints and didn't fall through the ice layer.

Ice covered branches

I am so lucky to live here

Grits found the only stick not buried in the snow.  She was quite pleased with herself!

Look who joined us on our walk!

Blackie! My favorite squirrel!

The peacefulness of a snow walk fills me with endless smiles

Icicles everywhere

The cornstalks are about 3 feet tall - so that's a lot of snow. 

You can almost see each individual snow crystal.
Did I mention I love snow?

That's what Grits says too!

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