Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ice Toppings

Yesterday I finally relented and broke out the ice spikes that Mr. Yesteryear Acres bought for me and put them on my boots.
It was a good move because even though it looked ever so innocent outside...

This was literally all ice.  Even the grass was frozen. It was almost impossible to walk without slipping.

Of course that never stops Olive from bounding ahead.  She must have built in ice spikes.

She always gives me the look that says, "what took you so long?"

Olive is dreaming about the day when she can go swimming again

One of the quadrillion-and-one reasons I love Mr. Yesteryear Acres...
Here he is bringing me Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows so I would stay warm on my walk. Awwwww.  He is the sweetest!

Good thing I got warmed up yesterday because this is what it looks like today!
Grits can barely make it up the hill as all our snow is blanketed in a thick layer of ice.

Who doesn't love Carsicles?

Here is our pond today - we really got a ton of snow!

Mr. Yesteryear Acres had to pave a walk for us.  The ice was making it so hard to get up the hill.
Grits and I spent the rest of the day playing, chase the ice blocks.

She is endlessly fascinated by our endless supply of doggie ice toys.
Catching snowflakes is pretty awesome too!

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