Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blossom Doodle

Tomorrow I am leaving at 0'Dark-Thirty with the puppy mobile loaded with adorable furry doodle babies. I am making a puppy delivery to the Maryland/Virginia area and have to be on the road super early to get to my destination on time.  I am excited for the puppy families to meet their new little furry family members.  Who doesn't love a Puppy Mobile full of adorable Muppet Doodle Babies?!?!!! My Puppy Mobile trip is two-fold - first and most importantly, deliver bundles of puppy doodle love.  Second - I have to go get our Blossom doggie from my older daughter.  This is a sad errand as my daughter is sooooooooooo heartbroken to have to say goodbye to Blossom. My older daughter is a 2nd LT in the Marine Corps and will be deployed soon. She is now going to be busy with pre-deployment work-ups so she will not be home enough to spend time with her beloved Blossom Doodle.  She needs to send Blossom here to Yesteryear Acres while she is away on deployment. I am pretty sure saying goodbye to Blossom will be the hardest goodbye of all.  We still have texting and video-chatting to keep us connected but video-chats with a doggie is just not the same at all. The best part of her day is coming home to Blossom and doggie!  I feel for her.  There is nothing like the love of a doggie.  I know she will be lonely without her!  To help ease her pain, I am bringing lots of homemade comfort food and a few presents. I still have lots to do before I leave tomorrow.  Time to get the Puppy Mobile ready! O'Dark-Thirty will be here soon!

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