Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blue-Eyed Beauty

Yesterday Mr. Rainbow Collar Curly Apricot boy took center stage so today it is Mr. Bright Squares Collar boy's turn. Mr. Bright Squares collar boy has a Caramel colored silky soft wavy coat and the bluest eyes. He is a sweet lovebug!
He is also available and for those living on the east coast - our puppy delivery day is Friday, February 28th.
Mr. Bright Squares Collar Boy can melt your heart with just one look.

He loves to romp in the snow

Is an expert SnowCone taster

And snowman squasher

He sits like a good little puppy

And always comes when he is called

He is a FURever friend

Who will follow you anywhere

He is loved by his brothers and sisters

And gladly accepts kisses

He has great traction in the snow

And thinks he can fly!

He is ready to be someone's new furry best friend!
Will you be mine?


  1. Renee, you are killing me with the pics of Juneau's babies! I *so* wish I could take one of your 2 available boys; our girl from Juneau's litter last year would love another brother. You have to stop posting such adorable pictures of those beautiful pups! ;)

    1. Don't look today! LOL I have the perfect brother pup posted. : )

  2. Augh...I can't help myself. Oh my gosh, they are sooooo cute! Lilly would love one of those sweeties (and so would I). I might have to block your website for a while so I don't do something crazy ;) I'm not sure I have that kind of willpower, though!


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