Tuesday, February 4, 2014

So That's What The Color Blue Looks Like

Yesterday the most miraculous thing happened.....the sky was the color BLUE!  I haven't seen a blue sky in so long I almost forgot what the color blue looks like! It was so beautiful, I just had to be a part of it. Everything here at Yesteryear Acres is still pretty icy so walking is tough. I am patiently waiting for the impending snow storm so that we can get a nice fluffy cover of snow on the ground but until then, it is almost impossible to take a walk without sliding/falling/slipping with every step.  My son suggested we go take the doggies to the park for a walk so I could be outside surrounded by my blue happiness.  What an awesome idea!
Paved roads!!!  No ice! Yay!

My son asked the doggies if they agreed with his great idea

They said yes!

Ummmmm Aren't I supposed to be walking at least one doggie????


This is my view the entire walk.  They walk FAST!!!!

Awwww - they waited for me at the top of the observation deck.
What Good Doggies!
My son's Christmas present - matching collars for his doggies
They look great!
A perfect Doodle Doggie walk!
Thanks for the awesome blue day!

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