Sunday, February 16, 2014

How many eggs do you not want?

This morning Mr. Yesteryear Acres began his weekly ritual of preparing the big Sunday Morning Breakfast Feast. My son asked if I wanted to eat breakfast with them.  I told him that I did want to eat with them but I did not want to eat the big Sunday morning breakfast.  I was going to have a small bowl of my healthy cereal.  I definitely consumed way too much Valentine's chocolate heavenly goodness so today, I had to really stick to the ole healthy eating routine.  My son then went on for at least 5 straight minutes with all the reasons I should eat their breakfast feast.  I have to admit - that boy really knows how to make a case.  With each statement, I felt my resolve slowly slipping away. That is when Mr. Yesteryear Acres yelled from the kitchen about HOW delicious the steak was going to be.  He was going all out.  Steak, Eggs, Caramelized Onions, Sauteed Mushroooms.  Oh My.  I stuck to my guns.  Cereal.  I am having cereal.  My son then said, "Do you know what will make you not want breakfast even more?"  I asked him, "What?"  That is when he said that I would not want breakfast even more if I went to the kitchen and made some homemade biscuits to go with their breakfast. Ummmmm how is it I am being roped into contributing to the Sunday morning breakfast feast of which I clearly am not eating????  Yes.  My son is that good.  I started making homemade biscuits for them.  To which Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son said that if I were to make fresh squeezed orange juice - well that would REALLY make their breakfast unforgettable and I really would not want it even more.  Okay.  Orange juice coming up.  Right before Mr. Yesteryear Acres was ready to serve his Sunday Morning Breakfast Feast he asked me, "How many eggs do you not want?"  "Two. I definitely don't want 2 eggs with the breakfast I am not eating."  So............. the steak and eggs and biscuits and juice and feast - was delicious.  My 2 eggs I did not want were cooked perfectly and man - I make awesome biscuits.  Tomorrow - I am definitely having cereal for breakfast.  Definitely.

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