Sunday, February 23, 2014

Biodiesel Fuel Winner

This morning Mr. Yesteryear Acre and I went to my son's presentation at the Ohio STEM competition for his biodiesel fuel chemistry project. His group did a great job.  They really knew their stuff and made excellent eye contact and were dynamic in their speeches. I was so proud of them.  They really worked hard on their biodiesel fuel and had an awesome finished product. Their fuel was clear and burned very efficiently. After their presentation, Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I had to go home as we have puppies and doodle doggies and farm chores and we couldn't stay for the entire day. I almost wrote my blog when I came home but I thought, what if my son got an honorable mention? I should wait just in case there is more to the story.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I got a ton of work done and then got all cleaned up (again) and headed  back to the awards ceremony. When they called the 3rd place winners, I was a little sad.  I was hoping the boys made it.  Then 2nd place was called. And then it was time for the winner of the biodiesel fuel competition.  When they called my son's actually took me a good 2-3 seconds before my brain registered that my son's name was called.  I think he did the same thing!  He looked at me with the biggest smile and I can tell you, I returned that smile right back. He won! Of course I was overflowing with happiness, not just because he won, but because he felt proud of his work and of himself.  It is what every parent wants for their children - not the winning but the feeling of overwhelming pride in their own accomplishments and for knowing that hard work does have its own rewards.
Here are the boys getting their award

Excellent work! 
My son the proud scientist. Looks like we might have another Chemist in the family! Biodiesel Fuel - The Fuel for Our Future!

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  1. Awesome! Congratulations to your son, his team, and being able to get back to celebrate with him!


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