Thursday, June 12, 2014

3 Goals to Win

Today was a super productive day where I got tons of things crossed off my to-do list.  As with all Thursdays - today was "Clean The House Thursday" and I didn't disappoint.  The entire house was cleaned top to bottom and looks a million times better. My son was even kind enough to assist me so the house really got the works! My son saved me a few hours of work so I was able to groom a few doodle doggies and make a homemade beef pot pie for dinner.  After dinner, Mr. Yesteryear Acres surprised us with a new backyard addition.  Disc Golf!  He is going to set up a course tomorrow back in the field but tonight we took it for a test run. We have no idea how to play but agreed it was a lot of fun!  We played long after the sun set and the course was way too dark to see.
We decided the end the game with whoever made 3 goals, gets homemade cookie dough ice cream.  Well what do you know..... We all won!

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