Thursday, June 19, 2014

Doodle Welcome Home Routine

Hello again! This is Amelia reporting from Yesteryear Acres. I have to say that my favorite part of my work is coming home. As soon as I put my little finger on the door it is like a parade is happening inside. I can hear barks and whining and the loud whack of tails hitting against various objects inside. Who doesn't love to be greeted by a doodle parade!?! It is as if they were just waiting for me to get home so they can put on this elaborate production. First Blossom and Olive bark while Penny and Scooter run in between their legs. Then Grits is finally up off the floor (she's still in her awkward doggie phase where she cannot control her body all the way when she is excited and kind of trips over herself) and is running full steam ahead to come join in the excitement. Meanwhile my arms are full of all of my lesson supplies and I am trying to just get into the door. So I have to explain to them the importance of being patient and that delayed gratification is definitely the most rewarding as I put my stuff down on the table. Then for about 20 minutes I have to go around and around and around petting all the doodles evenly, usually accompanied by gentle reminders that sharing is caring and that they will all get a turn. I even get some kitty doodles in on the action! I just love all my animals!!! Once the overwhelmingness of me walking through the door has died down (they really think I am THAT awesome) the doodles like to help me unpack my car. They like to run back and forth from my car to the door for each trip like they are racing to see who is the most helpful. I really know what they are doing though... see they are "helping" me because they want the reward at the end. Which is when I finally have a second to myself and get a glass of ice water. And to a doodle ice is the BEST THING EVER!! Man can they get that ice to slide around our kitchen! They also like to munch on it and make little snowflakes on the ground. I find it so funny! However I can't say that that is my Mom's favorite part of the day... But who can deny the cuteness of a doodle!?! I mean after all... I only come home once a day! :)

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