Monday, June 2, 2014

Leaf Picker Uppers

Nutmeg's puppies are just getting cuter by the minute.  It is fun to see such a big litter with so much cuteness!
5 Chocolate Doodle Cuties

2 Chocolate Girls

and 3 Chocolate Boys
6 Caramel Doodle Cuties 
2 Caramel Girls 
and 4 Caramel Boys
All eleven Nutmeg puppies are doing great and Nutmeg is taking excellent care of her sweet cute babies.  
Sweet Pea's puppies had their puppy visit day over the weekend.  The puppies loved all the attention and even got a little yard work done....
We have the best leaf picker uppers!

You just won't find a leaf here...without a puppy attached to it!

Cause Leaf catching is really really fun!

Yard is all clean!  We are such good little puppies!
Happy Monday!

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