Friday, June 13, 2014

68 Pounds!

Today was Strawberry Day.  And by Strawberry Day, I mean pick and pick and pick and pick and then pick some more.  For hours.
When we do Strawberry Day - we mean business!

The strawberries were all perfectly ripe.
All in all -  we picked 68lbs of berries!

And all 68lbs were the perfect size.  I love the small ones the best - so does Mr. Yesteryear Acres. It's more work but they taste sooooo sweet!

Strawberry jam making happened

And strawberry pie making

and even more pie making!

My daughter's strawberry pie is heavenly!

The beginning of our strawberry jam for the year.  Today's count - Thirty 1.5 pint containers full of delicious strawberry jam. I would make the last few batches but it is 11:45pm and I am strawberried out!  I will start again tomorrow morning and then as soon the jam is done it is time for strawberry vinaigrette.  I can't forget spinach salad with fresh sliced strawberries and homemade strawberry vinaigrette!  For tonight though, my tired red-stained hands are done and I am going to sleep! I bet I dream of strawberries!

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